Why Choose Hague Quality Water?

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We all know that water is essential to life. Having QUALITY water is essential for creating a lifestyle that you can actually enjoy! All too often we take for granted the aspects of our daily routine that are affected by water -- that is, until there is a problem. If you are dealing any kind of water issue, it becomes apparent very quickly that it touches many areas of your home and family.
That is why when it comes to water conditioning products, you should rely on a system with a long history of dependability and efficiency. There’s nothing quite like a water softener, water conditioner, or water filter built by Hague Quality Water. That is why we recommend their systems to many of our clients. 
Choosing a product brand that you can trust can be difficult with so many options available today. Hague Quality Water is one of the longest standing water treatment manufacturers in the United States and has been shaping the water industry with their patented technology since 1960.

What’s Wrong with My Water?

Are you wondering what might be lurking in that glass of water you just filled from your kitchen faucet? Or maybe your sinks keep getting rust-colored stains no matter how often you scrub it. Even if water appears clear, there could be other materials your water picked up from outside sources and is carrying through your plumbing, into your appliances, and out of your faucets. 
Exactly what your water encountered before it reached your home is often a mystery until you have it tested. Many contaminants are colorless, odorless, and tasteless so you wouldn’t be able to tell that you have an issue. Other contaminants you can see, smell, or taste immediately! Here are a few of the most common complaints we encounter and their causes:

  • I’m worried the water we’re drinking isn’t safe.

    This can be a very real concern, depending on where you live and where you are getting your water. Things like lead, arsenic, nitrates, and other contaminants have been identified by the EPA as harmful to your health if you are drinking or cooking with it. You could start spending money on buying only bottled water for your family, but Hague Quality Water offers in-home filtration productions that are certified by third-party agencies for the removal of these concerns. So, you can have a tap with water you can always trust.
  • There are unsightly water stains everywhere!Girl Looking at Dirty Glass

    Water is naturally clear, so what you’re seeing is the residue of what is being left behind when the water itself evaporates. This could be several different things. If it’s white, chalky build up, it’s most likely calcium from hard water. Red/Brown stains is a result of iron present in the water supply. Stains could also be a greenish color for acidic water stripping the metal from copper pipes and fixtures. Copper has a distinct metallic color by definition but turns green when it is exposed to water and air. Luckily, Hague Quality Water has a wide range of products to choose from with solutions to tackle each of these problems. Now matter what kind of stain you have, we will have a remedy to take of it at the source.
  • My water stinks.

    Nothing is more embarrassing than apologizing to guests that your water doesn’t smell good, let alone put up with it every day yourself. If you live in the city, water can have a strong chemical smell because the municipality needs to add chlorine to their supply before making it available to the public. This ensures it is protected from bacteria growth before it reaches your home, but once you are ready to open a faucet or start a shower this protection is no longer necessary. If you live in a more rural area and have a private well as your water source, you don’t have to worry about chlorine but there are other natural elements than can lead to bad odors. The worst is Hydrogen Sulfide, which gives off a harsh rotten egg smell. Both of these symptoms can be easily treated with a whole home filtration solution by Hague Quality Water. Our team of experts can tailor the type of filter to fit exactly the problem you’re dealing with, so you never have to be embarrassed by your water again.

The Benefits of Choosing Us

The bottom line is the potential for water contamination to happen is high and it is hard to tell what exactly is in your water. Even more difficult is finding the right product to that will take care of your specific contamination needs. For example, a water softener will not take care of concerns you may have about lead leaching into your water from old plumbing. Our team of experienced water professionals will come learn all about your water. We can test it, learn about all the places you need to use it in your home, teach you about the right treatment product that will work for your situation, and even recommend the best place to install the system so you know exactly what to expect from the process before moving forward. 

Combine the local knowledge of our authorized dealers and service with the unique performance of Hague Quality Water products backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and you’ve got the best worry-free water treatment package available!


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